A Recruitment Consultancy that Genuinely Consults

Now there's a refreshing change.

Our focus is purely on recruiting permanent talent – people who will add real, lasting value to your business.

To do this, we’re often asked to address the most demanding recruitment challenges. That could mean finding a complex blend of skills, or countering preconceptions about a location. Or it could simply mean offering trusted advice on the precise blend of experience that’s right for your organisation.

Becoming an employer of choice

We take the time to go beyond your immediate need – and understand where your business needs to go in the long term. So expect lateral thinking.

We also look at your long-term attraction strategy. This centres on building your reputation, working through any challenges to ensure your on-going success. 

Protecting your employer brand

It’s crucial we have a clear written mandate to recruit on your behalf. 

That means taking a clear brief, agreeing terms up front – and looking carefully at issues such as salary and benefits. The result: when we take your role to market, candidates get a clear picture of your organisation – a picture that stays the same throughout the process.