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Keep Calm and ……Focus

Written by Gordon Nuttall.  Sometimes it seems like there are not enough hours in the day. When I began working on this blog I started typing a list of what forms a typical day in my family & working life.  My list would be pretty reflective of most working parents…just looking at it made my stress levels rise and energy levels dip. I stopped and deleted! That’s

Achieving Balance

Written by Gillian Nuttall. All work and no play would make, in my case, Gill a dull girl.  As discussed in Eknath Easwaran’s book, ‘Take Your Time: The Wisdom of Slowing Down’ (link achieving balance and effectiveness is an acquired skill, and one that has to be continually developed and improved.  In the age of instant access, with mobile phones, tablets, laptops and social media

It's All In a State of Mind

Written by Gordon Nuttall - Global Jobs Network. Life would be wonderful if everyone was in a great mood all the time. Everything seems better and things get just get done more easily when people are in a positive state of mind. The thing is though, life can throw a lot of curve balls at us, from the minor to the major – making it


Global Jobs Network, a specialist Recruitment Consultancy, has achieved the prestigious Investors in People Accreditation, the most successful framework for business improvement through people in the UK. This represents a true commitment to employees and demonstrates a solid foundation of good practice which remains challenging and aspirational for many organisations.  Global Jobs Network joins an exclusive group of UK employers eligible to use and display the

Centred on Success

On Thursday 16th of January, the Global Jobs Network Team attended our first session of 2014 with Marion Graham of Soul Success. The focus of the day was on being, ‘Centred on Success’. Executive coaching is an important aspect of our culture at Global Jobs Network and we use it to provide our team with tools they can apply to deal with challenging situations both within

In Conversation with CA Magazine. Investing in Excellence - Sharing The Expertise of World Class Business Professionals

Investing in excellence is – or should be – a key priority for all businesses. Developing not only skills but the mindset and resilience to deal with pressure, demanding standards and a competitive environment is crucial. The CA, in association with recruitment expert Global Jobs Network (GJN), brought together a panel of business leaders to discuss ways to approach “Investing in excellence” and the part that coaching